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Fall Lacrosse Registration Opens TODAY!
2019 Day of Lacrosse Master Schedule & Brackets
https://Brackets w/Master Schedule
Day of Lacrosse Tournament 2019
Day of Lacrosse Tournament: Saturday May 18th from 9:00am-4:00pm...
TVYLL is looking for a Youth League Director
The Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League (TVYLL) is looking to hire...
Who Do I Contact?
Who Do I Contact? Boys Issue or Question: Boys Director,...
Please Help Us Honor the Game!
Honor the Game Dear Parents/Players/Fans- TVYLL is proud to...
Welcome to TVYLL's website!
Welcome to the Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League! Here...
Fall Lacrosse Registration Opens TODAY!

by posted 05/18/2019
2019 Day of Lacrosse Master Schedule & Brackets

https://Brackets w/Master Schedule

by posted 05/17/2019
Day of Lacrosse Tournament 2019

Day of Lacrosse Tournament:

  • Saturday May 18th from 9:00am-4:00pm at Ann Morrison Park.
  • Game schedules are attached.
  • No need to pack food - - we will have several food trucks in attendance.
  • You are welcome to set up a canopy for your team. Make sure you are not obstructing the view of other attendees or in the line of fire of player shots on goal.

Girls Jersey Return:

Make sure to turn in your jersey to your Team Manager or Coach. Players who do not return their jersey will be fined $40. 

*Since the boys received jerseys this season, the girls will receive a custom tank top - - delivered at Day of Lacrosse.

Boys Shooter Shirts/Jersey:

The shirts are the boys to keep - - do not return.


Many 12U and 14U teams used these for practices. Return the jerseys to your Coach or Team Manager. Players who do not return their jersey will be fined $40.  Do not leave the park with your TVYLL LIGHTNING jersey.


If your player received a lime green ROOTS sticker this season, make sure they stop by the Info Booth to enter the ROOTS Raffle. We are giving away 4 awesome prizes!

Equipment Rental Return:

Players who rented equipment will need to return the full set after their last game. The rental deposit will be returned at this time ($290-Boys, $160-Girls). Equipment can be returned at the Equipment Rental Return Booth in between Field 1 and 3.

No exceptions will be made for late returns unless you are unable to attend the tournament.

Not attending the tournament? Drop off your equipment at Lax ID. Make sure your full set of equipment is in a bag with your first, last and team name attached to it.  Late Returns MUST be dropped off by Wednesday 5/22, 7pm. Deposit checks will be cashed on Friday 5/24.

Auction Baskets:

Each team is asked to enter a basket to be auctioned off or raffled.

The money raised from the auction/raffle is put into a Scholarship Fund. Each season, we have families who are facing financial hardship and need help paying the registration or equipment rental fees. We are able to subsidize a portion of the fee with the Scholarship Fund.

Stop by the Auction Basket Tent and place your bid and purchase tickets for the Raffle Baskets!

  • 2:15 - Last Bid on Auction Basket
  • Basket Winners will be announced/called immediately after the last bid.
  • 2:30 - Raffle Basket Drawing


For Team Manager, Coach or Team Parent:
Basket Drop-Off Location: Lax ID Store, 8189 Westpark Street, Boise.
Baskets must be dropped off by 6pm on Friday May 17th or delivered to Ann Morrison Park no later than 9am on Saturday May 18th.
Fill out the attached BASKET FORM AND ATTACH TO YOUR BASKET BEFORE YOU DROP OFF. Make sure your Team Name (ex. Rocky Mtn. 12U) is printed on the form along with the basket value.


Team/Individual Pictures:

Purchased picture packets will be available for pick-up. Timeless Photo will have a booth set up. Teams who were unable to attend their scheduled picture time during the season will have another opportunity at the tournament.


Parking will be tight as there are a lot of games going at the same time. Make sure to allow enough time to park before your child’s game.

Apparel on Sale at the INFO BOOTH:

ALL Shorts and kilts will be on sale for $10. That's a savings of $15 - - get 'em before their gone! 

Fall Registration:

Registration will open at on May 18th. SAVE $15 if you register by June 15th!

by posted 04/28/2019
TVYLL is looking for a Youth League Director

The Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League (TVYLL) is looking to hire a new League Director. 
TVYLL League Director is responsible for the coordination of league operations including setting the annual calendar, hiring of part time positions, and coordinating both paid and volunteer positions to deliver a high quality recreational lacrosse experience for TVYLL members.  
TVYLL League Director must be passionate and motivated to lead a successful youth lacrosse sports programs and activities.
Duties and responsibilities of the TVYLL is expected to be managed on a high level of coordination, communication and to adapt to the changing needs of the members and trends in the field to ensure the promotion of growth, safety, member satisfaction and member retention through the programs.  
Job will require the following qualifications:
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated customer service and public relations skills
  • Passion for the value of youth sports and the game of lacrosse
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to analyze statistical and financial data to use for marketing strategies, etc
  • Ability to make oral presentations, direct and organize large program meetings
  • Knowledge of sports events planning and volunteer management 
  • Knowledge of computers and software applications as related to league
Position will be a Part Time contract position averaging about 25 per week (balanced with more hours during the registration/start of seasons and less in Summer/Winter months).  
Interested candidates please send letter of interest along with resume to info@tvyll.com 
For more information, along with a more detailed job description please contact Megan Dannenfeldt, TVYLL Secretary, at  .   


by posted 04/23/2019
Who Do I Contact?

Who Do I Contact?

Boys Issue or Question: Boys Director, Greg Harris - - - gharrislax@gmail.com
Girls Issue or Question: Girls Director, Dennis Reak --- dennis.tvyll@gmail.com
Refund/Payment Question: Bookkeeper, Rachelle Brower --- tvyllbooks@gmail.com
Officiating Question/Concern: Vice President, Tad Arnt - - - tadarnt@gmail.com
Coach Issues/Concern: President, Shaun Murphy --- shaun.murphy@saintalphonsus.org
General Questions/Concerns: League Director --- leaguedirector@tvyll.com

by posted 01/27/2019
Please Help Us Honor the Game!

Honor the Game

Dear Parents/Players/Fans-

TVYLL is proud to be affiliated with and a grant recipient of the Positive Coaching Alliance and have required ALL our coaches to be certified by taking a two hour course which includes the following powerful easily remembered component:  ROOTS

As we look forward to the Spring season, please help us Honor the Game by following the ROOTS example:

R is for Rules:
Rules allow us to keep the game fair. If we win by ignoring or violating the rules, what is the value of our victory? TVYLL believes that honoring the letter AND the spirit of the rule is important.

O is for Opponents:
Without an opponent, there would be no competition. Rather than demeaning a strong or weak opponent, we need to honor both strong and weak opponents because they challenge us to do our best as players and as leaders. Athletes can be both fierce and friendly during the same competition (in one moment giving everything to get to a loose ball, and in the next moment helping an opponent up). Coaches showing respect for opposing coaches and players sets the tone for the rest of the team.  On the same note, parents on the spectator side should applaud great play by other teams even if the results are not what they had hoped for.  Comments about players abilities should be kept to oneself.  Please remember that we have both experienced and new players every year so we need to encourage and applaud them all.  

O is for Officials: (VERY IMPORTANT) 
Respecting officials, even when we disagree with their calls, may be the toughest part of Honoring the Game. We must remember that officials are not perfect (just like coaches, athletes and parents!). Take time to think about how to best approach an official when you want to discuss a call. What strategies do you have to keep yourself in control when you start to get upset with officials' calls? We must remember that the loss of officials (and finding enough in the first place) is a major problem in most youth sports organizations, and we can find a solution by consistently respecting officials.  Never confront an official in front of players.  Always finish the game by shaking their hands and saying "Thank You!".

T is for Teammates:
It's easy for young athletes to think solely about their own performance, but we want athletes to realize that being part of a team requires thinking about and respecting one's teammates. This respect needs to carry beyond the field/gym/track/pool into the classroom and social settings. Athletes need to be reminded that their conduct away from practices and games will reflect back on their teammates and the league, club, or school.

S is for Self:
Athletes should be encouraged to live up to their own highest personal standard of Honoring the Game, even when their opponents are not. An athlete's respect for themselves and their own standards must come first.


by posted 01/30/2012
Welcome to TVYLL's website!

Welcome to the
Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League!

Here at the TVYLL, we are all about introducing and developing the sport of lacrosse for the youth and middle school players here in the Treasure Valley and beyond!  For those who are new we would like to welcome you to our site and let you know that our mission is to continuously update our  information with news about our leagues, local clinics, travel teams opportunities, equipment sales and everything else lacrosse related. 

Please check back often as we will highlighting several clinics and volunteer opportunities to help improve the league and expand the sport in Idaho. Again we invite anyone who has some interest to contact us to help!

We look forward to seeing you at the fields.

by posted 12/28/2009
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